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North Hall - first building on UW campus

By Peter Gorman The noted Swedish author and reformer Fredrika Bremer (1801-1865) published a vivid account of her tour across North America and Cuba from 1849 to 1851, during which […]

Mrs. Ollie Jacobs (b. 1862), singer of English ballads from Kentucky, seated in wheelchair.

Many sung celebrations of spring can be found in the Wisconsin Folksong Collection. Andrea Parmentier highlights a few gems from that collection.

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Macbeth. Engraved by Adamo from a painting by Bauer (German).

Macbeth. Engraved by Adamo from a painting by Bauer (German).

Illustrated Shakespeare Collection

This online collection of selected electronic facsimiles seeks to share the marriage between book art and Shakespearean text with a wider audience. It also suggests the variety of responses by visual and book artists to the stimulus of Shakespeare’s words.

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