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By Rachel Milani World Octopus Day may typically celebrate the 8 legged, tentacled sea creature of children’s nightmares, but here at UW Digital Collections, we celebrate World Octopus Day Wisconsin […]


Born on September 16th,  1902, Mildred Fish Harnack was a Wisconsin native, UW-Madison graduate and the only American woman executed on the orders of Adolf Hitler. While a student at […]

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View across Tjörnin ("the Pond") in Reykjavík.

View across Tjörnin (“the Pond”) in Reykjavík.

Icelandic Online Dictionary and Readings

Icelandic Online is a free-access, Web-based course in Modern Icelandic language and culture, with supplementary resources. Major partners in developing this project were the University of Iceland in Reykjavík and the UW-Madison.

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