Step-by-Step Instructions

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Connect to LEXIS/NEXIS Academic Universe

The journal you have selected is included in the LEXIS/NEXIS Academic Universe database which is licensed to the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

To use this journal:

  1. Click on LEXIS/NEXIS Academic Universe
  2. After connecting with the database, click on SOURCES in the LEXIS/NEXIS menu bar.
  3. Click in the search box, type the journal title, or part of the title, and click on FIND TITLE .
  4. Click on SEARCH THIS TITLE under the name of the desired title.
  5. Click in the SEARCH box and type a word or phrase.
  6. Change DATE and other options as desired.
  7. Click on SEARCH

If you need help with searching this database, a Quick Guide is available. Consult Ask a Librarian for further assistance.


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