Step-by-Step Instructions

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Connect to ENGnetBASE Engineering Handbooks Online

To use this database:

  1. Click on ENGnetBASE Engineering Handbooks Online

  2. After connecting with the database, browse the alphabetical list of titles.
    (Optional) Click on ADVANCED SEARCH on the left side of the screen. Type a word or phrase in the SEARCH box. The full text of all ebooks will be searched.

    Note: ENGnetBASE requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to open within your browser window. To change your Adobe Acrobat settings, set your preferences to open .pdf files within your browser window.

    If you set your preferences to open .pdf files in an external Adobe Acrobat Reader window, ENGnetBASE will not work properly. You may need to change Acrobat's settings back after you've finished using ENGnetBASE.

If you need help with searching this database, a Quick Guide is available. Consult Reference and Research Assistance for further assistance.