Leadership Institute
Themes and Readings

University of Wisconsin - Madison

Foundational Readings

  1. Habits that Block Conversation
  2. Transforming the Culture through Dialogue
  3. The Appreciative Self
  4. Stages_of_Intercultural_Sensitivity
  5. Jackson and Hardiman's Model of Social Identity Development
  6. Productive Conversations: Using Advocacy and Inquiry Effective
  7. The JoHari Window: A Graphic Model of Awareness in Interpersonal Relations
  8. Appreciative Inquiry: An Overview
  9. What Is Appreciative Inquiry?
  10. Overcoming the Golden Rule
  11. The Thin Book of Appreciative Inquiry

Theme 1: A Journey Together ~~ A Journey Inward

  1. The JoHari Window from NCORE
  2. The Cycle of Socialization
  3. The Complexity of Identity
  4. Being Peace
  5. Returning to the Teachings: Exploring Aboriginal Justice
  6. Multicultural Circles of Self
  7. Petals of Identity handout
  8. Petal of Identity Categories
  9. Social Identities Wheel

Theme 2: Our Beliefs About Ourselves & Others

  1. Class Matters
  2. Exploring Invisible Knapsack of Able-Bodied Privilege
  3. Ability Matters
  4. Gender Matters
  5. CIS Gender Privileges of Non-Trans People
  6. Learning to be Comfortable with Discomfort
  7. Power and Privilege Definitions
  8. White People Need to Acknowledge the Benefits of Unearned Privilege
  9. How to Be an Ally if You Are a Person with Privilege
  10. The Cycle of Liberation
  11. Learning to be Comfortable with Discomfort

Theme 3: Multiple Perspectives on Meaning(s) of Work

  1. Acknowledge the Presence of Fear
  2. Transcending Cultural Barriers (an excerpt)
  3. Managing Intercultural Conflicts Effectively

Theme 4: Personal Meanings of Leadership

  1. The Appreciative Self
  2. Work as a Spiritual Practice
  3. Appreciative Inquiry Overview
  4. AI Is Not (Just) About the Positive
  5. Walking Out and On excerpt